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Dear Patients and Friends of Silverdale Medical 

We are first and foremost as always committed to providing registered patients of Silverdale Medical safe and excellent primary care.  In these trying pandemic times the team has been working hard to protect patients, employees, the public, and the health care system.    I assure you Silverdale Medical remains fully committed to meeting the health care needs of our community.  We know it is critically important that health needs are addressed even through Pandemic conditions.   


We have changed our open hours of availability to increase the staff available for the high standard of screening people entering the facility, and to focus all staff on important urgent work.  After hours service is less required in the face of the shut down. 


Monday - Friday 

Saturday and Sunday 

Phones Answered 

8am – 6pm 

8am – 6pm 

In Car Assessment Unit ( unwell ) 

9am – 12pm

1pm - 4pm

9am – 12pm

1pm - 4pm

Doctor Phone/ Video and
In Person (Face to Face) Consults 

9am – 5pm 


Urgent Care Accident Coverage 

8am - 6pm 

8am – 6pm 


 BY Appointment



The Covid 19 Testing Criteria has been widened substantially. Any patient with any one of the viral respiratory system symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat, congestion, cold, loss of smell) are now all eligible for testing.  Silverdale Medical is now a swabbing site, and local patients may arrive for swabbing during the open hours of the In-Car Assessment Unit.   

If you are unwell and think you may require swabbing please text our dedicated number within working hours 027 427 9997 and we will provide a time to attend.  We will ask you to text your car details, but when you arrive please wait to be directed to the covered testing space in the service area.  Do not just drive in until invited to do so. 

Silverdale Medical will be invoicing the government for all swabbing and Covid 19 related medical care.  


All registered patients are strongly advised to join the MyIndici Portal.  The portal has two registrations levels.  The first level will allow you to book appointments online, conduct video conference consults, and receive news from the clinic.    To register please have your first name, last name, and date of birth and the email address you have already provided the Silverdale Medical.    You no longer need your NHI so please do not call the office to request this.  Please click the link here and follow the instructions for Level 1 Access:  MYINDICI Registration Link  

The second level of access can only be granted once your identity is confirmed with the practice with an employee personally verifying your identification.  This verification process can be done the next time you are in the clinic; please ask the receptionist to turn on your second level of access once you provide government issued photo identification.  Or it can be done during a phone/video consult with the clinician – if the clinician is able to personally confirm and has personal knowledge of your identity.  The second level of access will allow you to see your prescriptions, request renewals of your medications, see lab results and message the practice about your care.  Because of the diligence we must apply to protect access to your personal health information; at my personal direction reception staff cannot do this over the phone.  


Doctors are offering phone consults and advising patients to use the phone consultation service where appropriate to reduce in-person interactions. Phone consultations during the pandemic have been authorised and recommended by the Medical Council.  Doctors can diagnose and service an incredible amount of issues over the phone.  We do not however have the network bandwidth to conduct all consults via video conference, and it is not necessary. 

At times eyes and hands on visualisation is required, if you believe your medical issue will require eyes or hands on visualisation you may attend an in person face-to-face appointment.  Please call the Silverdale Medical to book an in person face-to-face appointment through Level 2.  

If you have a phone triage call with a doctor, and your problem must be seen in person the same day – you will not be charged for two consults on the same day.   If the physician can serve your needs of the day with the call, then you will be charged a normal consult fee in accordance with your age and your registration status. 


Patients who are sick with a undiagnosed viral or bacterial infection are being streamed and served by Silverdale Medical staff either in their car (In Car Viral Assessment Unit), or is specific "Red Stream"  In serving Red Stream staff are using protective equipment such as gown, mask, and face sheild.   Patients in the "Red Stream" are prevented from accessing the main reception, and clinical  spaces of the primary clinic.   


Patients who have had an accident (ACC) but are not sick may continue to arrive unannounced to the clinic for service during the open hours.   Patients with fractures will continue to be served in office but must notify if sick in any manner.  Patients will be screened at the door, and if they have any evidence of illness will be seen in the car. 


We currently are booking any patient to receive the  flu vaccine.  As vaccine becomes available, we are opening appointment times. 


Silverdale Medical doctors will continue to service urgent surgeries/procedures.  Patients arriving to surgery will be called, and booked, and called again on the morning of surgery to ensure they are well, only well patients may attend surgery.  Patients arriving for surgery are advised to wait in their car, until called to enter the building, and then enter and attend the screening nurse. 


We are now delivering less urgent service such as preventative screening (smears, immunizations for patients over age 4) and long-term issues that require face-to-face examination.    For the month of June all registered patients due for their cervical smear will have no additional surcharge when booked with the nurse.  Patients are advised to consider that most viruses do not have a treatment; if you have minor illness such seasonal allergies or a cold it is recommended that you stay home and self-care.  


We are not denying service to anyone.  But it is morally unconscionable for someone to put health workers, and the public at risk by lying at the door screening.  Every patient is screened at the door to protect everyone.   


It has been brought to our attention that some elderly patients are waiting in their homes far too long without seeking medical attention – thereby making their case more severe.  St John’s ambulance has been called to homes of severely ill patients who had no previous medical advice.  Please do not hesitate to seek medical attention.  A phone consult with a GP can help you decide how best to proceed safely.   


Mercy Radiology  is open for service.     

Coast Physio is  open for service. 

Silverdale Family Dentist is open for service by appointment booked directly with their office +09 972 1406. 

Silverdale Pharmacy services remain available for prescription servicing.  Silverdale Pharmacy is arranging home delivery for any patient who is a Covid 19 test candidate, or patients who are a direct contact of a confirmed case.    Other patients may arrive and have their scripts prepared.

Ranyani Perera 
Executive Manager  
Silverdale Medical