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7 Polarity Rise, Silverdale
(09) 427 9997 Enrolment Form and Questionnaire 我们提供华语医生服务

Who are we?

Who are we?

Our Vision

Silverdale Medical strives to be Waitemata’s most trusted local health provider. Known for clinical excellence, multidisciplinary care, teamwork, and innovative practice.  

Our Purpose

Our patients feel heard and cared for and at the centre of their health journey.

Our Values

  1. We believe a clinically led medical practice leads to the best health outcomes for patients.
  2. We believe multidisciplinary collaborative care from a team of committed professionals with diverse backgrounds enhances the patient and employment experience.
  3. We believe what brings us together as professionals is our commitment to put the patient at the heart of our culture as a company.
  4. We believe active learning and embracing evidence-based innovation is required to deliver excellent patient care.
  5. We believe every person deserves a healthy work life balance and to be treated with courtesy and dignity.
  6. We believe we have a duty to serve our community for generations, which means we must embrace and train the next generation of health care workers.
  7. We believe we must be flexible to meet the needs of the patient to ensure we can meet the need of the diversity of our patient population.
  8. We are a diverse and inclusive company that employ respectful relationship behaviours.

Our Strategic Priorities

Excellent Patient Experience

When patients seek care at a Silverdale Medical Practice, they know they will consistently receive a clinically excellent experience. They know that we will take the time to listen to their needs. They trust us to provide current up to date, evidence-based clinical assessment, and information. They know we will empower them to make their own health decisions.

Obvious Health Leader of the Hibiscus Coast

Known, trusted, and recognised throughout the Hibiscus Coast for offering excellent primary care. Known for being “health knowledge experts.” Trusted by all members of our community as a place to receive excellent care. Recognised for bringing in a wide range of “health knowledge experts” to the community. We meet the primary care needs of the Hibiscus Coast community.

Form Excellent Collaborative Relationships

Our strength comes from our ability to build excellent long-term relationships. We build relationships with our patients, our employees and contractors, our tenants, health networks, and the wider community. Our relationships are characterised by mutual respect.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

We ensure we do everything we can to protect employees and patients from harm. We do this by remaining vigilant in assessing and mitigating risks in the clinical environment and clinical processes. We employ nationally recognized accreditation standards that define excellence. We train people to recognise and avoid risk, and we support people to make wellbeing a priority.

Clinical Excellence and Clinically Led  

We recruit globally to attract globally recognised clinical skills. We develop people internally by participating in the training of health professionals at various levels of learning. We embrace accreditation processes to attain and maintain recognised standards of quality. We reward clinical excellence by offering pathways for those that embrace it to become partners. We ensure fundamental decisions about quality of care are made by clinicians.