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7 Polarity Rise, Silverdale
(09) 427 9997 Enrolment Form and Questionnaire 我们提供华语医生服务

GP Services

You are welcome to enrol with Silverdale Medical as your preferred primary healthcare provider. Enrolled patients qualify for lower consultation fees and additional services. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced GPs and encourage you to find one you can develop a long term relationship with. This leads to better continuity of care and allows us to respond to your changing medical needs. Our normal allocated time for a consultation is 15 minutes. If you feel that you need more time, please let the receptionist know so this can be arranged.

As well as general medical consultations our GPs also provide the following services:

Accident and Urgent Care

We have a walk-in accident and medical clinic with experienced triage nurses and acute care doctors ready to deal with injuries and urgent medical conditions. We have facilities for suturing, wound care, x-rays and plastering. We also have specialist orthopaedic fracture clinics.

Company Health Services

Our team of doctors and nurses are preparing for the new workplace regulations required under the OSH Reform Bill April 2016 and we are now available to provide all of your screening and testing requirements. The reforms are affecting most workplaces and this may include yours. Each workplace will need to comply with their own industry standards.

We continue to offer the pre-employment medicals we have provided for many years.  Our team has particular experience in managing workplace injuries and appropriate return to work plans in conjunction with you, the employer.

The services we can offer you and your employees:

  • Acute walk-in service for accidents and medical conditions
  • X-ray and plastering on site
  • Suturing and dressings
  • Proactive injury management
  • Return to work plans
  • Fitness for work assessments
  • Occupational accident assessments
  • ACC independent medical assessments
  • Pre-employment medicals
  • Drug tests
  • Specific occupational vaccinations
  • Annual flu vaccinations
  • Driving medicals
  • Hearing tests
  • Lung function tests
  • Corporate medicals
  • Annual skin checks

Insurance Medicals

We provide health, life and income protection insurance medicals for most insurance companies. Insurance medical reports are written by your GP once you have signed forms giving permission for your medical information to be shared with a third party. Sometimes you need to come in to the surgery for a full medical assessment, after which the report is written.

Drivers Medicals

All of our doctors perform drivers medicals. Please bring along your glasses if you wear them while driving as your vision will need to be tested. Please let the receptionist know this is why you have booked your appointment.

Divers Medicals

PADI dive training requires a special medical that all of our doctors can perform for you. Please let the receptionist know this is why you have booked your appointment.

Sports Medicine

Dr Warren Groarke and Dr Alison Sorley have post-graduate qualifications in sports medicine and can give advice on acute and chronic injuries and musculo-skeletal problems. They also perform steroid joint injections.

Family Planning and Sexual Health

We have the expertise to provide you with all your family planning needs. Doctors Sarah Wiseman, Theresa Mittermeier, Chowool Kim, Joanna Beaumont and Esther Loh all provide Family Planning consultations for women. They can insert & remove IUCDs including Mirenas. With Sarah & Chowool also providing Jadelle insertion. Please make an initial appointment with your GP to discuss and book.

Cervical Smears are predominantly delivered by the nursing team who are well trained and experienced in the procedure.

Vasectomies are available with Dr Marcus Ang and Dr Andrew Webster.

Skin Checks & Mole Checks

Our GPs are able to deal with most skin conditions and are able to prescribe fully-funded roaccutane for moderate to severe acne. Dr Marcus Platts-Mills is available for more complex skin cases.

If you have a mole or spot of concern, you can raise this with your Doctor at your next booked consultation. If you require a more thorough “skin check” your Doctor will advise you to book a separate appointment with one of our Skin specialised Doctors.  Dr Marcus Platts-Mills and Dr Martin Denby subspecialise in skin cancer diagnosis and management and are available for “full skin consultations”.

Minor Surgery

We have very experienced doctors performing skin biopsies, skin surgeries, mole removals, ingrown toenail removals and vasectomies. We have two fully-equipped operating theatres and have contracts with Waitemata DHB and Southern Cross for surgical removal of skin cancers. We also offer cryotherapy which is a treatment for various pre-cancerous skin lesions, skin tags and verrucas with liquid nitrogen.

Ear Suctioning

Dr Andrew Webster, Dr Peter Chai and Dr Marcus Ang all perform ear suction. Please let the receptionist know this is why you have booked your appointment. Please note this is now available at both the Silverdale and Millwater Locations.

Aclasta Infusions

Silverdale Medical is an Aclasta Infusion centre. Aclasta is an annual single dose osteoporosis treatment. Please check with your GP to see if you are eligible.

Primary Options for Acute Care (POAC)

POAC is a service providing healthcare professionals access to funded investigations and treatments for their acutely unwell patients, where the patient can be kept out of hospital and safely managed in the community.

Repeat Prescriptions

The doctors at Silverdale like to see you for review every 3 months for close monitoring. Repeat prescriptions may be available for alternate prescriptions after prior discussion with your doctor to ensure your condition is stable. Please allow 48 hours for a repeat prescription.

Home Visits

We can arrange home visits if you are too sick to come down to the surgery. Please allow us sufficient prior notice, as this is not always possible when doctors are already booked. If the problem is urgent, an ambulance can be arranged to bring you to the surgery for immediate assessment.